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A lot of companies say they can provide Commercial deep cleaning services. The truth is, at least by our quality standards, they can’t. Restorative, deep cleaning requires more than showing up with a van (or worse, something better resembling a station wagon) and spraying some water on the ground and sucking. This, or using only a brush machine or bonnet machine does not provide restoration cleaning. They may make your carpets and upholstery look better, but they won’t make them look great. We aim to make them look great, regardless of the condition they are in when we start.

As far as we’re concerned, it takes a bit more time than a lot of other companies are willing to spend, but seeing the smiling faces of our customers when we’re done is more than worth it.


At KED Cleaning, we deep clean carpets and upholstery right!

our deep carpet and upholstery cleaning  process

  • Pre-vacuum with a commercial vacuum equipped with a properly adjusted beater bar

  • Pre-spray all areas with a high pH solution

  • Apply spot/stain pre-treatments to anything that looks like it needs it

  • Agitate pre-sprayed areas with a counter rotating brush machine

  • Allow adequate dwell time for solutions to work

  • Perform hot water extraction with hot water of the appropriate temperature for the carpet type

  • Re-address and spots or stains that did not come out during the hot water extraction phase

  • Place plastic or Styrofoam tabs underneath legs of furniture (steel, urethane coated wood, etc.) that pose a risk for bleeding into the carpet

  • Allow to dry

  • Apply Protect Nano or additional deodoriser as desired by customer

  • Groom carpet to remove any impressions and align fibres

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