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Here at KED we care about the clean and tidy look of your business and offer you a professional cleaning service which will keep the look of the carpeting in your workplace more appealing and help you attract your customers with complete cleanliness.

Professional carpet cleaning prolongs the lifespan of your carpeting saving you and your business money!


Carpets in your office are usually heavily soiled in high traffic areas and accumulate dirt, contaminants and bad smells. Regular vacuuming provides 75% of dirt and soil removal but it does not remove stains and spills. That is why it is recommended that you employ a professional carpet cleaning company occasionally.


Our heat extraction method perfectly removes hard soil, sanitises and deodorises office carpets leaving nothing but a clean fresh carpet improving your company’s image.

We offer flexible schedules and suitable solutions catered around you and your business and provide you with timeliness and complete satisfaction with our commercial carpet cleaning.

We deal with all types of commercial carpeting and because commercial carpets are designed to provide superior resistance to wear and tear (due to low density loop piles) the cleaning technique must be adjusted to give the best results

Carpet Cleaning Procedure

  1. Inspection; identifying soiled areas, moving light furniture and selecting the most suitable cleaning solution for the job.

  2. Then we pre-spot traffic areas and stains, apply eco-safe shampoo to the whole area being cleaned and our high ph-level formula interacts with all the dirt and harmful elements allowing them to be extracted easily.

  3. Cleaning; we then clean your carpet using powerful, modern, heavy duty machines, allowing careful yet fast removal of any soils, particles, fluids and imbedded smells.

  4. Stain removal; we work thoroughly on stains using effective eco-safe cleaning solutions and some of them require multiple cleaning to reach best look and achieve the best cleaning results.

  5. We then apply light scented deodorisers which create appealing and fresh smells after steam cleaning. In the case of being badly affected by urine or any other strong odours, we provide odour treatment to substitute and eliminate them.

  6. Protect Nano protection (on request); we can offer all our customers professional dirt protection which creates an invisible barrier against future dirt and stains and helps to keep your home or workplace looking cleaner for longer!

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Restoration Carpet Cleaning Process

True restoration carpet cleaning requires a more complete process and a few really important pieces that many skip. In our view, the first step for deep carpet cleaning is a thorough vacuuming with a high powered, commercial vacuum, equipped with a beater bar. Some estimates put the quantity of dry soil in the carpet as high as 74-79%. We want to remove that instead of adding water and turning it to mud. After we vacuum, we move on to the hot water extraction process.

The Hot Water Extraction Deep Soil Removal Process

Here are the four major components of a restoration carpet cleaning, hot water extraction process that most companies only partially complete and we involve all of these important pieces to do the job right. Chemical, Agitation, Temperature and Time.

Our Deep Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Pre-vacuum with a commercial vacuum equipped with a properly adjusted beater bar

  • Pre-spray all areas with a high pH solution

  • Apply spot/stain pre-treatments to anything that looks like it needs it

  • Agitate pre-sprayed areas with a counter rotating brush machine

  • Allow adequate dwell time for solutions to work

  • Perform hot water extraction with hot water of the appropriate temperature for the carpet type

  • Re-address and spots or stains that did not come out during the hot water extraction phase

  • Place plastic or Styrofoam tabs underneath legs of furniture (steel, urethane coated wood, etc.) that pose a risk for bleeding into the carpet

  • Allow to dry

  • Apply carpet protectant (Protect Nano) or additional deodoriser as desired by customer

  • Groom carpet to remove any impressions and align carpet fibres

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